Finally, we launch Sweden's first housing queue for companies operating in Sweden.


Tillväxtbostäder strives for a more sustainable real estate environment.


From now on, housing shortage can not prevent you from recruiting the right skills to your company.

We will be happy to answer all your questions.
Providing staff housing as an employer makes you more attractive in the labor market, as well as a safe choice in the eyes of a job seeker.
A staffing residence is used as a regular residence by an employee, but is hired by you as an employer. From now on, housing shortage can not prevent you from recruiting the right skills to your company.
What is included in the cost of a staff housing?

  • Rental and operating costs for the residence
  • Insurance
  • Furnishing
  • Property Management
  • Administration
  • Benefits for the company?

  • The company can finally assist with apartments to facilitate its recruitment
  • Long settlements with low rents
  • Possibility of relocation of staff without restrictions in the form of residents
  • Our apartments

    Our values

    Trede Properties and Tillväxtbostäder work for a more sustainable real estate environment. All newly-produced growth housings are being built as green propertird, in order for you to be assured that you make environmental friendly decisions.

    Our values ​​pervade everything we do, guiding our actions and our way of developing society.

    We are working for a prosperous future! Sustainability permeates our homes, our way of working and our attitude.


    We have created the trust of our current customers through transparency. We build honest relationships and with us you always know what's going on.


    It is given for us to value all our customers and items on the same equal basis.


    With us, the right person is in the right place. We have the knowledge and skills to achieve optimal results and prioritize the right tasks to succeed in our mission.


    Through our transparency, security is given. We create security through our way of acting and honestly communicating with each other, our customers, tenants, local users and collaborators.


    We are creative, want to constantly develop and always strive forward. We dare to be innovative, find new solutions and challenge the current status quo.

    One in five companies lose recruitment due to housing shortages

    This results in 250,000 companies not beign able to recruit the necessary skills due to housing problems, annually

    How to queue in the housing queue?

    . Area

    We have many different areas in pleasant neighborhoods for all types of families to grow up in. The locations are tracked and close to city.

    . Housing specs

    Type of apartments, amount of desired bedrooms and other valuable requirements. Rental period of desire.

    . Contact

    Tillväxtbostäder contacts you with rental quotation.

    . Access

    We install the staff who will live in the residence with a review of the property, the area and answers to normal questions about schools, care and communications to/from the office.