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We support swedish growth, promote employment and integration

- Gustav, Ramin och Christophe

Business idea

The Benefit

Sweden is facing a housing problem that is affecting all companies and it is harming Sweden's growth. By creating availability for companies on the swedish housing market, Trede Tillväxtbostäder will promote swedish growth. The biggest benefit we provide our customers with is our availability of housing, which has been severely limited compared to the demand. Another benefit that Trede Tillväxtbostäder offers is lower rates of rent than what is offered by today's market.

The Market

The current lack of housing in the Stockholm area comes with a stunted growth for all companies and also depresses swedens international competitiveness. Stockholm is one of the worlds most attractive cities for tech companies. One in five companies are having a harder time recruiting due to the lack of housing. Without a solution to the housing problem we risk of having a stagnated development. This will affect markets such as tech, IT, biotech, healthcare, education and more.

The Business Model

Trede Tillväxtbostäder are building a bridge between capital market and the housing market. By creating a structure beneficial for all parties we contribute to a sustainable living and also we promote growth in businesses. We offer investors a attractive and contracted profit. The goal is to acquire 2500 housing units within three years.