Our values


We are working to create a prosperous future! Sustainability is important in all aspects, in our apartments, in our way to work and in our attitude.


Through our transparency we create safety. By our honest way of working and communicating, safety is created for our clients, tenants and partners.


For us it is a given that we value all our customers and objects on the same equal grounds.


We are creative, we always strive to develop and to move forward. With this innovative solution of the current lack of housings, we are dynamic in our ways to provide your company with the best service.

Our properties have the energy classification A, B or Svanenmärkt

Tillväxtbostäder is working to create a more sustainable housing environment. The sustainability has become a more relevant question and as a new actor on the housing market, we want to set a new greener standard. All of our housing is qualified as 'Green housing'. The qualification 'Green housing' is based on guidelines created by ICMA. All green projects have to be beneficial for the environment. Our environmental standards meet regional, national and international demands. All of our properties will have an energy classification of A, B or 'Svanenmärkt'.

Energy classification A stands for a low energy consumption, energy classification G stands for a high energy consumption. Housings that are built with todays normal standards will have the energy classification C. Energy classification A means that the energy use is less than 50 percent of the demand from the building. Energy classification B means that the energy use is 50-70 percent less than the demand from the building. 'Svanenmärkta' buildings have to uphold environmental criteria such as low energy use, type of building material, type of chemicals, a healthy living environment, low emissions and a quality checked building process.