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We support swedish growth, promote employment and integration

- Gustav, Ramin och Christophe

Our vision

For Swedish business development

Sweden has a housing problem that is affecting all companies and it is harming Sweden's growth. 20 percent of Swedish companies have difficulties recruiting because the employee can’t find housing. The lack of accomodation threatens economic growth. Trede Tillväxtbostäder promote Swedish growth by providing companies with beneficial housing solutions. Thereby, we contribute to strengthen Sweden’s position as an attractive alternative for companies, which benefits everyone.

For your company

The shortage of housing in Stockholm becomes a weakness for your business when competing internationally for the best employees. That is a shame, since Stockholm is one of the leading cities in tech and other growth industries. Our housing queue enables your company to stay in Stockholm, and at the same time attract the best competence to grow your business.

Our business model

Trede Tillväxtbostäder is bridging the capital market and the housing market. By bringing together expertise from both finance and the property market we have managed to build a unique structure that benefits all parties. We offer investors an attractive and contracted profit. Companies get great deals on housing. Our goal is to continue to disrupt the market and acquire 2 500 housing units within three years.